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Category: Pension Tips

Pension Buyout Offers in Canada

Is your company downsizing? When an employer is downsizing or restructuring their business, the company might provide employees with an offer for a one-time amount of money if you leave your job voluntarily. Companies call this a buyout deal. Sometimes this ‘buyout’ deal also includes

Inflation And How It Impacts Your Pension

When you’re planning for retirement, you need to take into account the impact of inflation, which is the general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. In other words, you’ll want to think about the rising cost of consumer goods and

Moving Your Pension When Leaving Your Job

If you’re leaving your job or were recently terminated by your employer and your company has a pension plan, you may want to consider moving your defined-benefit or defined-contribution pension away from your employer and into a secure financial institution that your employer does not have any