Copycat Annuity Quotes vs. Estimates (And Why The Right Paperwork Matters!)

We often get calls or emails asking for a copycat annuity quote.

First of all, a copycat annuity is your pension paid to you the same as your company would pay you BUT the pension is paid by a Canadian insurance company, not your employer.

So, the call goes something like this: “I just got my paperwork. Can you get me a quote on a copycat?”

My first question: “Is this your final pension statement or just an estimate?”

I’m often told that the paperwork is an estimate.

So, here’s the thing. An estimate will get you an estimate.

I can estimate that you’ll get a nice “cash surplus” and add that I just delivered one for over $78,000.

But I cannot tell you how much you’ll get. That only comes from your final statement.

Bond rates change every day. So what good is it to pretend to quote you a valid number if tomorrow that will change.

Let me reiterate: a quote can ONLY come from your final statement.

–Bruce Youngblud

Bruce Youngblud is a Certified Financial Planner in southern Ontario with over 20 years of experience. He has 3 boys, two daughters-in-law, and one grand dog.
Bruce and his team specialize in helping individuals prepare for retirement and advises clients on pensions, government pensions, tax planning and estate planning.

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