Is Commuted Value Right For You?

All right, you’re going to retire this year.

Is the commuted value right for you?

By that I mean, is your personality suitable to invest this large pension settlement?

Here’s a story.

A new client told me that she is new to investing. She is nervous about putting her commuted value into an investment fund. She would prefer a guaranteed investment like a GIC. That raises a problem. Because, if we assume that she wants to maximize her income in retirement, she must expose some of her money to Investments.

Analysis shows that you will need a 4.5% rate of return in order for your commuted value to pay out the same as your Company pension to age 95.

Here’s the issue: GICS and guaranteed Investments do not pay 4.5%.

So she will need to be comfortable with an investment account.

Are you comfortable with an investment fund?

You need your commuted value invested in at least 60% equity in order to match the Company pension payout to age 95.

In a nutshell, the commuted value may be right for you if you are prepared to own an investment fund.

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Bruce Youngblud, CFP, CIM
Pension Solutions Canada

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