Pre-Retirement Resources For Canadians Retiring in 2023

Thinking of retiring soon? Here are some of our popular resources to help you plan for you retirement this year:

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The services we provide at Pension Solutions Canada are 100% completely no cost to you. We are an independent firm, not tied to a specific company. This means you’ll get completely honest, unbiased recommendations and a truly customized solution tailored to your plans and goals.
We work with all the major providers including Canada Life, Sun Life, and Desjardins with a focus on exceptional customer service. Making sure you can retire happy is our top priority!
We’ll assess your commuted cash value, advise you on when to start your CPP, when to start your OAS (Old Age Security), integrate your RRSP contribution room, provide you with an opinion on your pension options, and much more.
Simply call our office at 1-888-554-6661 to schedule a time that works best for you for us to chat over the phone.

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