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What Happens If You “Cash Out” The Commuted Value Of Your Pension? (Next Steps…)


We know what a commuted value of your pension is, it’s the cash value. As one client said: “Just give me the cash.”

Your employer cuts the big cheque and I do the investment management for you.


Now let’s complicate that.

You don’t get one cheque. You get 2 or 3. The first will be the locked in amount or LIRA.

That amount is capped by some antiquated legislation called the “Maximum Transfer Value”

Basically, it is a chart that determines how much of you commuted value, the CV, can be tax sheltered.

Simple example: in your mid 50s the factor is 10. Take your lifetime pension and multiply by 10. There’s the LIRA.

Beyond that, all the “cash” is taxable. So you will earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in your retirement year.

The bad news is that you’ll owe $100k or $200k income tax.

How can you avoid that?

There are a couple of strategies that include your RRSP room and time of year.

But you will very likely have a tax bill.

Call me to strategize BEFORE you put in your retirement papers.




Bruce Youngblud is a Certified Financial Planner in southern Ontario with over 20 years of experience. He has 3 boys, two daughters-in-law, and one grand dog.
Bruce and his team specialize in helping individuals prepare for retirement and advises clients on pensions, government pensions, tax planning and estate planning.

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